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Reboot skin back to baseline and deliver nutrients that nurture, balance and support a healthy microbiome and barrier for optimal skin health

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What makes up the skin barrier?

Your skin’s outer defense is made up of a delicate complex matrix comprised of the microbiome, acid mantle and skin barrier, which work synergistically together to protect skin from external stressors and maintain skin integrity.

Layers of the Skin Barrier


diverse microorganisms that live on our skin and inside our bodies to help fight harmful bacteria, manage inflammation, regulate immune system and protect against environmental aggressors


thin, protective film on the skin’s surface that acts as an acidic barrier (pH range 4-6) to protect skin surface from harmful bacteria


outermost layer of skin that keeps moisture and nutrients in, and environmental aggressors out

a balanced barrier at optimal pH can help protect from skin imbalances and environmental stressors

What can compromise the skin barrier?

Some factors include over-exfoliation, harsh or alcohol-based products, genetics, aging, climate change, and environmental stressors like UV exposure and pollution

What are signs of a damaged skin barrier?

Signs of dryness, flakiness, overproduction of sebum, breakouts, sensitivity, or irritation may be an indication that your skin’s pH is out of balance, and/or because the lipid barrier has been stripped and compromised