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Be comfortable, confident, and in control of your skin

Set your skin up for success. 

At Feuillete® (fooh · yet), our priority is supporting skin health at the core—the microbiome and barrier—to promote daily optimal hydration, balance, elasticity and resiliency.

Reset skin to a healthy, balanced state and embrace your natural glow.

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Healthy Barrier = Glowing Skin

Fight skin imbalances by supporting skin health at its roots—the microbiome and barrier.

Deliver nutrients that nurture, balance and reboot your skin barrier back to its ideal state of equilibrium for optimal skin health.

Our products are thoughtfully formulated with Biome+Barrier™ boosting ingredients and adaptogens to replenish moisture loss, repair a compromised barrier and restore skin balance to promote a healthy microbiome and barrier, so that skin can optimally perform, look and feel its best.


Elevate your confidence, embrace your natural glow

Invest in yourself. You're worth it!

We believe that selfcare can be transformative, physically and mentally.  We're here to:

EMPOWER  you to feel confident, comfortable and in control of your skin

INSPIRE  you to glow brighter and be extraordinary

CHALLENGE  you to make your goals and aspirations a reality. You have the strength and mindset to achieve it—You GOT this! 

CELEBRATE YOU  because you are strong, intelligent, and beautifully, YOU! 

Feuillete® was inspired by the French word for "layered".  Add a layer of glow and a layer of inspiration to your daily routine. 

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Effective, Clean, Multi Taskers

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Thoughtfully Formulated

  • Biome+Barrier™ boosting
  • Clinically Proven Actives
  • pH Balanced
  • Plant Powered


Minimal Effort,
Multi Functional Results

Powered with multi-tasking actives at optimal concentrations to do more for your skin with less time and effort. Glow on the go and keep up with your lifestyle


Kind to our skin and planet 

Committed to high quality ingredients that are clean and kind to your skin.  Formulated to the EWG Green Standard, we avoid ingredients that can potentially irritate, disrupt or damage your skin's natural protective barrier. 

Always free of:  cruelty, essential oils, synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, PEGs, phthalates, drying alcohols